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Manistique Furniture Stores 

Furniture needs to be aesthetically and ergonomically perfect. The right kind of furniture can make your space more appealing. Always keep in mind that health comes first, and that is why you should select furniture that suits your body the best.

No matter what you need, we have it. You can find furniture for all your spaces in one stop. We have different colors and styles of furniture, so whether you want to find a table for your chairs or chairs for your table, you can find it at our stores. 


Quick Read

We are the #1 furniture store in America, and we are proud to serve the Manistique, Michigan and the Upper Peninsula here at our Ashley HomeStore locations in Marquette and Escanaba. Ashley HomeStore is a one-stop shop for all your furniture and mattresses. 

The following are a few furniture styles that we offer:

  • Contemporary Living
  • Grand Elegance
  • Urbanology 
  • Vintage Casual 
  • Mane + Manson

The following are a few of the many residential and commercial spaces we offer furniture for:

  • Kitchen, Dining, Living Rooms and Bedrooms
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Office Spaces
  • Model Homes and Retail Design 
  • Hotel/Motel and Restaurants

You can be assured that you will find your favorite style of furniture for the space you are looking for at our Ashley HomeStore Escabana and Marquette. 

Why Choose Ashley HomeStore Furniture?

We understand that furniture needs to meet both aesthetic and ergonomic aspects to fit both your space and body. That is why you will find the best quality furniture at Ashley HomeStores in Marquette and Escanaba. 

You will find a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture and mattresses at our store. We offer the following services to provide the best customer experience:

  • Chat with us and discuss your furniture options
  • Fill out a form and get tips from our designer on choosing the right furniture for your spaces
  • In Stock Now, helps you to choose a piece of furniture that will be available for pick-up or delivery right away

We provide an excellent collection of furniture for the following spaces:

Residential: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining rooms

Commercial: Office spaces, retail design, senior living, model homes, event spaces, hotel/motel, and restaurants

We have everything at our store, from loveseats, futons, reclining sofas to queen, king or California king beds. Our sales associates will help you find the furniture you are looking for to compliment your space. 

Importance of Choosing The Right Furniture 

Sitting on a piece of furniture that does not provide good posture can affect your overall health. Using a bad mattress can affect the quality of your sleep and body posture in the long run. A good quality bed and mattress is essential as it gives you quality sleep after a tiring day. 

The following are a few health benefits of choosing the right furniture:

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Keep your Nerves and Blood Vessels Healthy,
  • Support your Muscles.

You may not notice the difference in your body today when using cheap and inappropriate furniture but it develop over the years. Improve your lifestyle by selecting the right furniture for your home. 

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Visit The #1 Mattress Store in the Upper Peninsula

We aim to provide the biggest variety of mattresses in the Upper Peninsula. Between our Escanaba and Marquette stores, we offer many “grab + go” as well as “free delivery” options. So, check out our website, or shop at one of our stores, to find the perfect mattress for you from our selection of over 300 mattresses that are in stock and ready to take home!

Our Marquette and Escanaba Ashley HomeStores are family-owned and operated by yoopers. Our team strives to provide A-class customer service. You can contact us or call us at Escanaba: (906) 786-7775, Marquette: (906) 273-1199 to discuss your furniture needs. 

Visit us at Marquette and Escaban locations! Marquette store is at 2152 US Hwy 41 W, and Escanaba store is 2222 North Lincoln Road. We are looking forward to showing you some of our best furniture options.

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