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Shopping for a new mattress should be easy. That’s why Ashley Homestores in Escanaba and Marquette, Michigan have you covered. See how we can make your next mattress purchase even better:

  • Top Mattresses Available
  • Over 300 Mattresses in Stock
  • Accessory Furniture for Your Mattress

With Ashley Homestores in the U.P., you can get the right mattress for your sleeping satisfaction. Here’s how Ashley Homestores makes it even better to shop mattresses with us:

  • Trained Mattress Associates
  • In-Store Showroom
  • Take it With You or Have it Delivered

Whether you know what you need or need help getting the right mattress, Ashley Homestores in Escanaba and Marquette, Michigan, have the expertise to help you sleep well tonight! Contact us at our online form or by giving us a call at Escanaba: (906) 786-7775 or Marquette: (906) 273-1199.

At Ashley Homestores in Escanaba and Marquette, Michigan, we have what it takes to get the right mattress for you. We offer all of the top brands that can meet any of your needs for you.

Our trained mattress associates are available to get your questions answered and guide you to the right mattress and options for your best sleep tonight. Our team is ready to get you sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed.

Top Mattresses of 2022

At Ashley Homestore, we offer some of the best mattresses on the market. Here are some of our top picks for 2022:

  • Ashley Sleep Align Ultra Luxury Euro Top with Memory Foam
  • Beautyrest® Harmony Dalton Firm Mattress
  • Purple® Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress

These mattresses are our top picks here at Ashley Homestores in the U.P.  because they create a better sleep with features such as memory foam, firmness levels, and more, all available within our stores. Our best-selling mattresses are the best for a reason, and you will feel the difference and wake up refreshed.

Brand Name Mattress Retailer

When it comes to buying a new mattress at Ashley Homestores in Escanaba and Marquette, we stock some of the best brands to help get you onto your favorite mattress. Here are the brands we sell daily to our customers in the Upper Peninsula:

  • Ashley-Sleep logoAshley Sleep is our very own mattress brand. An Ashley Sleep mattress is engineered to be no-flip, making it an excellent low-maintenance option. Our beds are made with various materials to give you exceptional comfort and support, ensuring that your body is cradled without sinking.
    Shop Ashley-Sleep Mattresses Online
  • Beautyrest is an iconic American brand that introduced the concept of King and Queen size mattresses. Known for its Pocketed Coil technology, Beautyrest famously used a bowling ball in TV ads to demonstrate how one partner won’t be disturbed by another’s midnight tossing and turning. Visit our stores to view the new lines of Hybrid Mattresses with the comfort of foam or Black Mattresses, the ultimate in luxury with cooling comfort.
    Shop Beautyrest Mattresses Online
  • The Purple® Mattress: The bed that broke the internet. The Purple® Mattress uses the Purple Grid™ to eliminate pressure points and allow airflow, so you sleep cool and comfortable. In other words, your hips and shoulders will be perfectly cradled while fully supporting your back. Stop compromising between comfort and support and get the best of both worlds with the Purple® Mattress.
    Shop Purple Mattresses Online
  • Tempur-Pedic is the most highly recommended bed in America. Ranked number one in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Popular Mechanics. The one-of-a-kind materials Tempur-Pedic uses makes it an excellent mattress. Choose from Ultimate Comfort or Ultimate Cooling.
    Shop Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Online

Whether you need something firm, soft, memory foam, or some hybrid option, Ashley Homestores of the U.P. have everything you need in your next mattress, and our team is ready to help you find that perfect mattress.

In-store Options

Seeing a mattress online and actually experiencing it can make all the difference. That’s why your Ashley Homestores in Escanaba and Marquette, Michigan, has over 300 mattresses in stock with samples for our customers to try out in-store and find that perfect fit. 

Our team is ready to get you to the right mattress to make your dreams a reality. Along with getting you the perfect night’s rest, we are available to bring you the right accessories, frames, box springs, and more for your new mattress, all in-store for you.

Get Your New Mattress with Ashley Homestore

Ashley Homestores of the U.P. of Michigan is the #1 Mattress store for a reason. We know what our customers need to help them sleep better. Between our top brands, huge selection, and product knowledge, we are ready to help you make your nights more restful and dreamy.

Feel free to contact us by our online form or by giving us a call at our Escanaba location: (906) 786-7775 or our Marquette location: (906) 273-1199.

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